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At Kwik Dry. our pricing is honest and upfront and we have NO HIDDEN FEES.  Our services are all-inclusive.
There is no "nickel and diming" or false advertising.

We have an $88 minimum. If what you want cleaned falls below our minimum, look around and ask yourself - do you have anything else that you want cleaned?

Carpet Cleaning

Clean, Deodorize, Sanitize & Protect (Ask our competitors if their price includes all of these services.)
First 2 Rooms: $88.00
Whole House (includes 5 rooms & hall): $188.00
Additional rooms: $35.00
​Any of our other services performed with only one room of carpet - price of single room is $50
High Rise Fee Additional: $30.00  (first floor - no charge unless property manager screening)
Stairs: $3 each
Stair Landings: $6
Walk in Closets: $15.00 - $20.00
Halls From: $15.00
Oversized or L-shaped rooms, living-room / dining-room combinations are considered 2 rooms.

Area Rugs / Oriental Rugs: $0.75 sq./ft.
Area Rugs are cleaned on site of the customer.
(No worries of moisture on wood floors.)

Air Duct Cleaning

Prices include removing, washing, and replacing of all registers. Rotobrush simultaneous brushing and vacuuming at the source of every arm and plenum of duct HVAC system. Disinfecting and mold and mildew removal.

Whole House includes up to 10 vents: $199.00 ($20.00 for each additional vent above the 10 vents)
Air Duct Coil Cleaning: $50.00 (in place)
Permanent Electrostatic Air Filters: $125.00
Dryer Vent Cleaning: $50.00 when done with Air Duct Cleaning, otherwise $99.00

Upholstery Cleaning

Clean, Deodorize, Sanitize & Protect

Sofa: $85.00
Loveseat: $70.00
Chair: $40.00
All 3 Pieces: $168.00
Standard L-Shaped Sectionals: $125.00
U-shaped Sectionals or includes a chaise lounge: $150 - $175
Ottoman: $25.00
Pillows: Included with the sofa are free.
Extra decorator pillows:  $10.00 each
Dining Room Chairs: $15.00-$25.00

Boat or Yacht Upholstery Cleaning

Priced on site at the time of job, but prices are similar to residential prices.

Upholstered Captain Chair: $50
Leather or Vinyl Captain Chair: $75 (includes cleaning and conditioning)


Mattress Cleaning

Clean, Deodorize, Sanitize and Protect.

Twin: $49.00 one side
Queen: $69.00 one side
King: $89.00 one
Clean 2nd side for 50% off of the first side cleaning cost.
(e.gQueen - 2 sides - $69 + $34.50 = $103.50)

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Clean, Sanitize & Clear Sealing of Grout Included in Price

First 2 areas: $99.00 (includes up to 200 sq. ft)
Additional areas or greater than 200 sq. ft. will be charged $0.50 / sq. ft.

Grout Color Sealing
$0.25 / sq. ft. + $.50 / sq. ft. for cleaning
Total Price $0.75 / sq. ft (Includes cleaning and sealing of grout lines with a color grout sealant that repels stains).


Sand-less Wood or Laminate Floor Cleaning and Sealing

$0.99 / sq.ft.
Includes cleaning, light scrubbing, and 2 coats of sealant.

Additional coats for a higher gloss finish: +$.25/sq. ft.


Please Note:

• All offers include small furniture moving only.

• Moving of large furniture (not entertainment centers or china cabinets etc.) additional charge of $50

• Picking up of mess on floors - additional $50 (e.g. toys, clothing, garbage, excrement etc.)

• Last Minute Cancellation Re-booking Fee - $50

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